40feet automatic container lifting equipment with BV certification

Mechnical Four Rope Clamshell Grab with BV Certification

b'Four Rope Grab, Mechanical Grab, Clamshell Bucket Grab manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Mechnical Four Rope Clamshell Grab with BV Certification, ISO 20 Feet &40 Feet Container Spreader Automatic Lifting Spreader Twist Lock, Gbm Hot Sale Remote Control Hydtaulic Garb Used on Ship\xe2\x80\xb2s Crane and so on.'

Moblie Crane Container Spreader Semi-automatic for Lifting ...

b'\xe0\xb8\x84\xe0\xb8\xb8\xe0\xb8\x93\xe0\xb8\xa0\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\x9e\xe0\xb8\xaa\xe0\xb8\xb9\xe0\xb8\x87 Moblie Crane Container Spreader Semi-automatic for Lifting ISO 40 Feet Containers \xe0\xb8\x88\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\x81\xe0\xb8\x9b\xe0\xb8\xa3\xe0\xb8\xb0\xe0\xb9\x80\xe0\xb8\x97\xe0\xb8\xa8\xe0\xb8\x88\xe0\xb8\xb5\xe0\xb8\x99, \xe0\xb8\x8a\xe0\xb8\xb1\xe0\xb9\x89\xe0\xb8\x99\xe0\xb8\x99\xe0\xb8\xb3\xe0\xb8\x82\xe0\xb8\xad\xe0\xb8\x87\xe0\xb8\x88\xe0\xb8\xb5\xe0\xb8\x99 Container Spreader \xe0\xb8\x95\xe0\xb8\xa5\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\x94\xe0\xb8\xaa\xe0\xb8\xb4\xe0\xb8\x99\xe0\xb8\x84\xe0\xb9\x89\xe0\xb8\xb2, \xe0\xb8\x94\xe0\xb9\x89\xe0\xb8\xa7\xe0\xb8\xa2\xe0\xb8\x81\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\xa3\xe0\xb8\x84\xe0\xb8\xa7\xe0\xb8\x9a\xe0\xb8\x84\xe0\xb8\xb8\xe0\xb8\xa1\xe0\xb8\x84\xe0\xb8\xb8\xe0\xb8\x93\xe0\xb8\xa0\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\x9e\xe0\xb8\xad\xe0\xb8\xa2\xe0\xb9\x88\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\x87\xe0\xb9\x80\xe0\xb8\x82\xe0\xb9\x89\xe0\xb8\xa1\xe0\xb8\x87\xe0\xb8\xa7\xe0\xb8\x94 Container Spreader \xe0\xb9\x82\xe0\xb8\xa3\xe0\xb8\x87\xe0\xb8\x87\xe0\xb8\xb2\xe0\xb8\x99, \xe0\xb8\x9c\xe0\xb8\xa5\xe0\xb8\xb4\xe0\xb8\x95\xe0\xb8\x97\xe0\xb8\xb5\xe0\xb9\x88\xe0\xb8\xa1\xe0\xb8\xb5 ...'

A simple guide to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment ...

b'All lifting equipment, including accessories, must be clearly marked to indicate their safe working loads (SWL), which is the maximum load the equipment can safely lift. Accessories must also be marked to show any characteristics that might affect their safe use. This may include the weight of the parts, where .'

Hydraulic Marine Crane Foldable Knuckle Boom Crane with BV ...

b'Hydraulic Marine Crane Foldable Knuckle Boom Crane with BV Certification. Product description: The self-elevating wind power station maintenance crane mainly replaces the expensive wind turbine large-scale maintenance and lifting equipment crawler crane, which uses the self-climbing hydraulic lifting platform and the high-lift folding crane to complete the maintenance.....'

Container Weighing & Container Lifting Solutions - BISON Jacks

b'BISON container lift systems give you the power to lift containers on and off trucks without relying on contract cranes and heavy handling equipment. With a C-Lift you get independence and control over your container logistics, and a return on investment through lower operating costs, better asset utilisation and improved safety.'

About-Xinxiang HY Crane Co., Ltd.

b'The design and manufacture of HY products are according to the European Union CE certification standards and under the supervision of Bureau Veritas of French, including shipbuilding gantry crane,bridge launching crane, road construction crane ,container gantry crane ,portal crane, girder lifting crane, ship loader and unloader, Europe type single and double girder bridge crane.'

China Automatic Container Spresder Hydraulic Powered ...

b'Applied to ISO container: 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft, 53ft. Capacity: from 10t to 45t. Ambient temperature: -20~+45 Twistlock: IOS floating twist-lock, driven by automatic spring. Flippers Device: Unpowered fixed flippers. About Us Jiangsu Tonghui Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. (THHI) is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, near the scenic Taihu ...'

container spreaders, container spreaders Suppliers and ...

b'ISO Shipping container 20ft lifting frame Lifting for 20 feet container, 40 feet container spreader SWL24-40T 1. Semi-automatic container spreaders for 40ft/20ft standard container spreader adopts box-type end beam, so the structure is stable. The twist lock is leak \xe2\x80\xa6'