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b'Specialised handling for stores KBK STACKER CRANES FURTHER DETAILS \xe2\x80\xa2\xe2\x80\xa2 Combination of KBK double-girder suspension crane and special stacker trolley \xe2\x80\xa2\xe2\x80\xa2 Can be turned through a range of 360\xc2\xb0, by hand \xe2\x80\xa2\xe2\x80\xa2 Long and cross travel always by hand, lifting motion via electric chain hoist Unit loads weighing up to 500 \xe2\x80\x93 ...'

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b'The CM Series 84A Plain or Geared Trolley features a minimal maintenance design with fully sealed precision bearings, heavy-duty side frames and fully machined wheel tread for a superior performance over a long life. This trolley is built for heavy duty, industrial grade applications. CM Powerstar. Manual'

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b'Catalog \xe2\x80\x93 DRS-GM 06/2009 11 2General notes on the product description Product Description 2 Coating Gear units, motors and gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE are painted with "blue/gray"/RAL 7031 machine paint according to DIN 1843 as standard. Special paints are available on request.'

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b'They have good comprehensive mechanical properties. Depend on the electric wire rope hoists model, the wheel material can be GG 60 for monorail hoists and GG 70 (modular cast iron with graphite structure) for bi-rail crabs. 23. Joint It\xe2\x80\x99s the connection between the self-braking motor and the reducer, ...'

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b'The best references are satisfied customers. Successful projects and completely satisfied customers are the best feedback and valuable evidence of our good work and comprehensive know-how! Have a look at our industry know-how in drive technology - worldwide! Back to top.'

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b'Abrasives/Grinding Wheels Amit Corporation Mr. Anoop Sharma Electric Motors - Manufacturers & Makharia Electricals Pvt.Ltd. Mr Rajesh Makharia Electric Motors - Repairs & ServiNikhil Electricals Mr. Atul Sun Control Devices Avinash Techno Products Mr. Tejvirsingh Sadana Geo Technical Services GEO Test House Mr. Pradip Chauhan UPS -Uninterrupted ...'

Euro-style Gantry Crane

b'Euro-style Semi Gantry Cranes. This gantry crane is of trackless design on the ground, which not just save much civil work, but also keep clean on workshop. It is vastly used in food production workshop, or, any other clean place. L model 30 ton gantry crane. This is 30 ton L type single beam gantry crane with winch trolley \xe2\x80\xa6'