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b'The movable, swing-away, and gate hoods should be under control of the converter operator. The EOT crane operator and converter personnel should be aware whenever the EOT crane hook, cables, and hook load (ladle, collar puller, etc.) pass into the area adjacent to the hoods as indicated at the Nippon plant in Figure 35.'

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b'Overhead Crane,Gantry Crane,Crane Parts,Open Winch,Electric Chain Hoist,Electric Wire Rope Hoist Export Percentage: 31% - 40% Total Annual Sales Volume: Above US$100 Million Capital (Million US $): 2110446000000RMB'

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b'2020-9-3\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82(1) Shielding requirements or remote operating requirements for overhead crane and transport truck. (2) Attachment fixtures and appurtenances for parts. (3) Remote observation devices such as periscopes, mirrors, closed circuit TV, etc. 5. Personnel requirements for disassembly. a) Radiation dose limits of personnel.'

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b'2019-10-21\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x824.1 EOT Crane EOT crane stands for the electric overhead travelling crane. This crane will be used for handling & moving a maximum specified weight of the components called capacity of the crane within a specified area. Following figure shows the schematic view of the EOT crane. 4..1Reference Standard for Travelling .'

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b'The EOT gantry crane functions similarly to an overhead bridge crane, but has rails installed on the ground and gantry-style legs to support the crane. Capacities range from 2 to 200 tons, and sometimes even greater capacities.'

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b'2020-11-24\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Page | 46 1.4 Cost Control & Estimating. 1.4.1 Consultant services shall include cost estimation in a format acceptable to the OMPL and detailed backups, basis, justification for the estimation shall also be provided by the bidder. This shall be the basis for cost control and monitoring for the entire project. .4.2 estimate'

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b'2017-11-21\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Lifting machine means a crane, crab , winch, teagel, pulley block, gin wheel, transporters or runaway. Lifting tackle means any chain sling, rope sling, hook, shackle, swivel, coupling, socket, clamp, tray or similar appliance, whether fixed or movable, used in connection with the raising or lowering of persons or loads by use of machines.'

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b'2014-7-6\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82TECHNOLOGY VISION - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. The landmass and ocean coupled with atmosphere create this beautiful living planet with all its complexity. This very planet offers immense challenges through its varying nature, expressed strongly through weather and more evidently in the changing geo-oceanic and atmospheric conditions.'