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b'Overhead track scales, aka monorail scales, apply the same principles as conveyors to overhead weighing. Many production facilities and meat packing plants prefer to hang their products in transit rather than lay them on a dirty conveyor belt. Overhead track scales are the solution to weighing these products. Rice Lake.'

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b'25-50 ton 2. Our crane scales are versatile, economic, and heavy-duty solutions for both overhead material handling and even the hand-held hanging weighing applications. Our robust suspension scales features include a rechargeable battery, Standard remote control, aluminum-casting case, visible LED display. the crane weighing scale is also ...'

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b'With a wide range of capabilities and options, crane scales make it easy to measure suspended loads in process. Designed with safety in mind, crane scales typically feature a remote control that allows operation at a safe distance. This type of overhead weighing equipment\xe2\x80\x99s rotating hooks with safety .'

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b"from Fairbanks Scales, Inc. Fairbanks' Unirail Scale is a self-contained unit that's supported by an existing rail system. The scale is fully assembled and tested at the factory. The installation is simply a matter of cutting the rail, inserting the scale and attaching it to the rail hangers. No additional overhead structural..."

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b"Hanging Scales. Adam Equipment's robust suspension scales feature a large rotating steel hook and shackle with a safety catch, providing the strength and flexibility needed for weighing suspended loads. Standard remote control operation allows operation of the crane scales from a distance, while readings ."

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b'Hanging scales and crane scales are used to weigh suspended loads. They provide a cost-effective solution for all industries where loads are transported overhead, such as the recycling, metal machining, civil engineering and logistics sectors. To weigh a load, simply attach it to the digital hanging or crane scales and lift it off the ground.'

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b'Monorail scales allow overhead weighing on monorail track systems. They are tough, accurate overhead scales that cut costly production line interruptions. Tough Weigh Bar design: Provides consistently accurate weight readings day after day.'

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b'Jan 11, 2019 \xc2\xb7 With Active Scale you can trust that your overhead weighing solution will meet and even exceed regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and safety standards. By utilizing weighing equipment either as an accessory or integrated into a crane, accidents can be significantly reduced or prevented. Overhead weighing solutions provide real-time ...'