Toptree 120W Blue/Red Overhead Crane Safety Spotlight Zone Light Crane Warning Light

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b'We are in the business of saving lives.Toptree provide c rane safety warning system,safety warning light light,blue safety light,forklift safety light for various purposes including the Heavy Duty mining, industrial lighting,forklift, material handling and off-road lighting. "Be the leader of industrial safety light" is our goal,we focus on safety light, forklift safety light, crane safety ...'

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b'Powerful Blue,Red or White LED spot light or line light that comes standard with a lens cover that turns the spot into a line on the floor below. Installs to overhead crane pointing down on production floor below. Snap on lens cover is standard---turns spot into line on floor below.'

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b'Each light features 24 LEDs that shine a bright beam onto the floor to warn that a hook from an overhead crane is in the area. Overhead warning lights also make positioning the crane hook and moving objects easier for crane operators, who can use the light as a point of reference for their hook position. Install the lens cover to switch the ...'

120W Tower Crane Warning Lights for Bridge Overhead Crane

b'120W Tower Crane Warning Lights For Bridge overhead Crane Description: The 120W Blue spotlight warning light ensures pedestrian safety under overhead cranes by projecting a solid white, blue or red tightly focused LED spot or line on the floor below that alerts pedestrians to an overhead crane\xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Overhead Crane Safety Warning Light Spot Beam. Overhead Crane Safety Warning Light Spot Beam APPLICATION: OVERHEAD CRANE HOOK HOIST Similar to the popular forklift warning spotlights. but designed for use on overhead cranes. They are 12,000 lumens, which is 10 times as bright as their smaller counterparts. Available in red or blue. Red is...'

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b'Multiple light converter, powers up to 4 lights $360 Part# HLG-600H-24A (Replaces former part # FWN-HLG-600H-48A) You can see our video and pictures on the crane spot light in action and also order it online at Crane spot light One light, two lights and four lights per crane configurations are common, depending on the application. You'


b'140w RED BLUE OVERHEAD CRANE WARNING DEVICE TPB140 - Toptree Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. ENSURE A SAFE WORKPLACE Pedestrian will see the light movement which will create awareness that there is heavy work going on in their area and they should take caution and move away from the area. This product is built for the heavy style industry but can be used in your standard \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'72W/120W Hook Type Crane LED Warning Light. What benefits can security overhead crane warning lights bring us? 1. Visual Warning -The red and blue colors of crane safety light are more striking and clear than traditional sound reminders, avoiding the danger of inaudible alarm sounds in noisy environments.. 2. Reduce noise pollution -Reduce the high-intensity noise interference of construction \xe2\x80\xa6'