ZOOMLION RT35 35 TON Rough Terrain Crane

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b"Zoomlion RT35/40 Rough Terrain Crane, 40-Ton Capacity, 102' (31m) 4-Section Full-Power Synchronized Boom Constructed of High-Yield Steel, 5-Sheave Quick-Reeve Boom Tip w/ Removable Rope Guards, 26'-46' (8m-14m) Offsettable Jib, AxleTech Axle, DANA Powershift 6-Speed Transmission, Cummins QSB 6.7 Diesel Engine - Tier 3 Emission Rating (USA/Federal EPA/California ARB/European EU), Greer RCI 777 ..."

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b'Jul 23, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Deskripsi ] Jual Rough Terrain Crane Zoomlion RT35 Kapasitas 35 Ton (Update 22 Juli 2019). Dijual Rough Terrain Crane Zoomlion model RT35 Kapasitas 35 Ton, ex Import, Built Up, masuk Indonesia tahun 2016 dan harga Rp. 2,725 Milyar.'

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b'Shanghai Metal Corporation is a trusted 35Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT35 supplier in china, we have extensive inventory of 35Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT35, and other metals in various alloys and tempers.'

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b'Grove rough terrain cranes are designed to handle the toughest jobsite conditions with lift capacities ranging from 30 t to 150 t (30 USt to 165 USt). Performance, productivity and operator comfort features allow your operators to work effectively for longer days with less fatigue. Quality, reliability and easy maintenance are built into every Grove rough terrain crane, making them the right ...'

ZOOMLION RT35 35 TON rough terrain crane zoomlion rough ...

b'- Anchor Windlass Chain Size: Dag. 16 to 97mm - Anchor Windlass/Mooring Winch: up to 200T brake holding - Anchor Windlass/Bugsering spil: up to 300T brake holding - Towing Winch: up to 300T brake holding - Godkendelse af certifikat: ABS BV CCS DNV GL LR KR NK RINA RS osv.'

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b'RT35 Rough Terrain Crane offered by China manufacturer Changzhou Yamar Group. Buy RT35 Rough Terrain Crane directly with low price and high quality. China crane turck suppliers and exporters who can provide XCMG Mobile Crane\xe3\x80\x81XCMG Earth Moving Equipment\xe3\x80\x81XCMG Road Building Equipment and more XCMG series products.'

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b'The Terex RT35 is a versatile rough terrain crane. It has a max lift capacity of 35 tons (32 t), and its full-power, mechanically-synchronized boom has a main boom max length of 101 ft. (31 m). There are no standard jibs for this particular model crane.'