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b'Our travelling bridge crane is of a wide range of usage, such as warehouses, factory, garage, goods or material handling yards, etc. Double girder cranes are of higher efficiency\xef\xbc\x86speed, larger loading capacity compared with single girder bridge crane, but they are similar in the composition.'

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b'The double trolley overhead crane is used to lift long and big loads. Double girder eot crane specifications:Capacity: (2.5+2.5)~ (200+200) ton, Span length:10.5~35.5m, Insulation Double Girder Overhead Crane. The insulation overhead crane is used to handle electrolyse non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, aluminum.'

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b'"Bridge" means that part of a crane consisting of girders, trucks, end ties, footwalks, and drive mechanism which carries the trolley or trolleys. OSHA 1910.179(a)(22) "Bridge travel" means the crane movement in a direction parallel to the crane runway. OSHA 1910.179(a)(23)'

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b'Wide Application of Double Girder Gantry Crane. Gantry crane is a deformation of the bridge crane. It is mainly used for outdoor freight yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo loading, and unloading. Its metal structure like a door frame, carrying the main beam under the installation of two legs, which can walk directly on the ground track.'

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b'Kit Contents: One (1) Electric double girder wire rope hoist with motorized trolley. Two (2) End truck carriages and gearboxes. One (1) Control panel with variable frequency drives for both bridge and trolley. One (1) Pendant controller and cable with quick-connect plug. One (1) Electric festoon system running the length of the bridge beam (25 ft.)'

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b'Double girder crane has many advantages, such as large loading capacity, wide span, good stability, various types, thus double girder cranes have wide application in lifting industry. According to girder, our company, a famous crane supplier in china, produces double gantry into two types, box type girder and truss type girder.'

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b'Double girder overhead crane is a kind of lifting crane that is widely used in the indoor factories. It is one of the most popular equipment in the crane. With the establishment of the modern society, the cranes are widely used in society such as in the factories, shops, and warehouse, etc.. Double girder overhead crane in our company is the latest version of an overhead crane.'

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b'Apr 06, 2021 \xc2\xb7 A double girder crane would benefit from a high capacity, wide span, or high lifting height, but it will cost you more money upfront. Lighter duty cranes with no hook height requirements, abnormal capacities or spans can be a cost-effective choice for improving the efficiency and safety of your manufacturing or assembly facility.'